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Sleuths India is the most reputed private detective agency in Pune with a track record of solving hundreds of cases and winning multiple awards over two decades. We’re a President of India award-winning agency and our foundation is built on the back of quality works to over 500 companies, celebrities, politicians and bureaucrats. Our detective agency in Pune that has A-list Bollywood stars like Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu and RajKumar Rao doing brand marketing. On top of that, the enviable management team at us gives us an edge over other as it’s made up of Intelligence Bureau Officers, Police officers, Army Officers and RAW.

Over the years, Sleuths India has maintained excellence in investigation and achieved incredible results that have won us many prestigious awards along the way. Some of the prominent awards won by us include – by the President of India (The Young Entrepreneur Award in 2012), by MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs (Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014), by Minister of Tribal Affairs (Investigation Leadership Award in 2017) and by DMA (All India Women Entrepreneur Award in 2023).

    Awards & Recognition

  • Awarded By The President of India, 2012

    2012 was the year when Sleuths India MD Naman Jain’s great achievements of over two decades and his matchless leadership credentials got the well-deserved recognition in the form of the prestigious ‘Young Investigation Entrepreneur Award’. The award was a true testimony to a celebrated career filled with many remarkable achievements and success stories in the field of private investigation. Justifiably so, Naman Jain’s candidature got better of over 3,000 nominations from across India with some other notable performers. The award ceremony took place at 7th Security Leadership Summit, Manekshaw Centre, Delhi Cant, New Delhi. During the ceremony, the former President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil presented the award while Governor of Punjab, His Highness, Shri Shivraj V. Patil gave away the “Certificate”.

  • Awarded By MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs (2014)

    Just two years after winning the President of India Award, Sleuths India MD Naman Jain made the industry and his agency proud again in 2014 by winning the prestigious “Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs. This award was a further reaffirmation to an outstanding career filled with numerous achievements in the field of investigation. This award saw some 3,000 entries and a rigorous process where Naman Jain’s accomplishments easily towered over all. The award ceremony of 9th SECURITY SKILLS & LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2014 took place on 12th& 13th December, 2014, at PHD Chambers of Commerce, New Delhi. During the high-profile ceremony, Shri Haribhai P Chaudhary, Minister of State, and Ministry of Home Affair presented the trophy to Naman Jain while Shri ShivrajPatil, Governor of Punjab gave away the ‘Memento of Appreciation’.

  • Winner of the prestigious "Investigation Leadership Award" for 2017

    2017 was the year when Sleuths India director Nidhi Jain’s many outstanding achievements and contributions of over two decades got the well-deserved recognition. That year, she became the first ever female detective in India to win the prestigious “Investigation Leadership Award”. The award not only testified her impeccable leadership credentials but also elevated her to a positon where no lady detective could reach before. The award was presented in the “12th Security Skills & Leadership Summit” that took place at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi on 16-17 December. The high-profile ceremony saw the gathering of many distinguished personalities from different walks of life. During the ceremony, Sh. Jual Oram, Hon’ble Minister of Tribal Affairs gave away the trophy to Nidhi Jain in the presence of guests such as Maharaja Raghubir Singh Ji and Kunwar Vikram Singh.

  • Winner of the Prestigious “All India Woman Entrepreneur Award” for 2022

    In 2022, Sleuths India director Nidhi Jain shone again by winning the prestigious “Women Entrepreneur Award” from Delhi Management Association (DMA). She also became the only lady detective to win this award and it strengthened her position in the leaders of the detective space. The award was also a fitting tribute to a career that inspired many lady detectives to dream a career for themselves in the investigation field. In addition, it also acknowledged her matchless leadership feats that brought great success for Sleuths India. She received the award in a grand ceremony on 17th February 2022 at Silver Oaks Hall, the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The trophy was presented to her by the guest of honour Mr Devesh Sachdev.


Unique Brand Marketing with A-list Bollywood Stars

Sleuths India has redefined brand marketing in the investigation space with strategic collaboration with top Bollywood stars. It remains the only private detective agency in pune that hires and involves A-list celebrity from the film industry. Our brand is endorsed by top name like Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu and RajKumar. In addition, Sleuths India has also collaborated with India’s top entertainment & movie company Balaji Telefilms Limited. On top of that, we stood out for our association with the 2019 suspense thriller movie “Judgemental Hai Kya” and 2022 murder mystery ““Dobaaraa” or 2…12).

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Management team for Private Detective in Pune

Sleuths India stands out for its excellent management team that has active association of senior retired Intelligence Bureau Officers, Police officers, Army Officers and RAW Officers. The kind of experience and reputation our management team enjoys is matchless and no other Private Detective agency in Pune even comes close to match that. In fact, the enviable management team is the main reason that makes Sleuths India the most trusted agency in the industry.


Services Offered by Detective Agency in Pune

Background investigations

Background Checking

A thorough background check is essential in the matters of finding the right person for jobs or matrimonial alliances. When there is no background check, a company might hire a wrong person or a family might find an unsuitable match for their kids. Such risks can be greatly avoided by hiring a top private detective Pune that can do a proper background check on the concerned person.

Employee Frauds Banner

Employee Cheating

Employee cheating is a big problem and most businesses face its wrath. Since it can come in different forms and flavours, companies often find it hard to stop the risks of cheating. From asset misappropriation to vendor fraud, procurement fraud, payroll fraud, data theft, bribery case to embezzlement, there is so many types to employee cheating. The best way to solve such cases is by hiring a top private detective Pune.

Corporate Risk Banner

Corporate Intelligence

Competitors are not the only risk your business faces. Sometimes, partners and employees too prove a big challenge. In fact, your business is prone to risks from all corners. Ideally, you should keep an eye on all types of threats but it’s not possible. To stay safe, you can rely on Sleuths India’s corporate intelligence services and avoid all possible dangers to the business.

corporate diligence

Corporate Due Diligence

A proper corporate due diligence is necessary when you enter into a big-ticket decision on joint venture, partnership, merger, acquisition and investment. Lack of due diligence can improve the risks for your business. You can hire a proven private detective in Pune and get desired results with due diligence on businesses or individuals.

financial background

Financial Background & Assets Check

Conducting a financial background & asset check is no mean feat. It involves hard work and a touch of secrecy. Such investigations are sensitive in nature as it requires digging out the hidden information about movable and immovable assets of an individual or a company. To get desired results with such investigation, you must hire a top private detective Pune with relevant exposure to financial background and assets check.

Blackmail investigation

Blackmailing - Corporate & Personal

Cases of blackmailing are quite rampant, both for individuals as well as for organizations. If you too are at the wrong end of a blackmailer, you should take immediate action. The right approach is to report the matter to the police immediately and seek their help. However, if you don’t want a police involvement at an early stage, you can consult a professional Private Detective agency in Pune and tackle the situation with ease.


Skiptracing / Missing People

Searching a missing person is quite an exhaustive task. It feels more arduous when the search is done all alone without any help. The task becomes herculean when the search involves a person who is either actually missing or is deliberately hiding. Such searches require monumental effort. The right approach is to hire a Private Detective agency in Pune and let professionals find the missing person whether for long-lost contacts cases, absconding cases, and elopement or loan default cases.

corporate theft

Theft & Pilferage

More companies than ever before are troubled by employee-related theft and pilferage. From misappropriation of funds to inventory losses, illegal commissions, wilful omissions, breaches of trust and so on, the list of theft and pilferage can go on. To avoid being on the wrong side of such cases, you should hire the services of the best detective agency in Pune like Sleuths India. This will ensure best possible investigation into theft and pilferage case.

Suicide Banner

Accident / Incident / Sabotage

Most cases of fire, arson, and property damage are planned and done with a bad intention. The problem comes when such hateful cases are passed off as natural. If you suspect a case where some well-planned accident or sabotage is being passed off as natural, you should seek a detailed investigation by a Detective Agency in Pune and get to the bottom of the matter.

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Marrying someone without proper investigation is always a big risk worth not taking. When you don’t get a pre-marriage background check done on the prospect and the family, you basically stand on a slippery slope that can get you into a mess. You should consider pre matrimonial investigations by an expert private detective Pune to set the foundation of a blissful married life.

Divorce investigation

Divorce Investigations

Divorce is not a simple decision to take. You may walk away from your spouse, but a Divorce cases are always complex. They are not only hard on the concerned couples, but tend to drag on for years involving bitterness and legal entanglements. Such cases need a lot of evidence for different things, from infidelity check to hidden asset search, child custody to employment evidence. The right way is to hire a Private Detective in Pune and get in-depth divorce investigations done.

infidelity in relationship

Infidelity / Extra Marital Affairs

Do you suspect your partner is having an affair outside the marriage? What should you do then when you believe your partner is involved in infidelity? Well, you should first get the matter investigated by a top Private detective in Pune. Such an investigation is very helpful in getting evidence to validate – or diffuse – your doubts. Professional sleuths will prove very helpful in such matters and ensure peace of mind to you.

TSCM Sweep Service

Debugging and Sweeping

Are you under the threat of electronic surveillance? Do you suspect someone is spying on you or covertly eavesdropping through electronic bugs? Well, it’s the time you seek technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) to stay clear of those high-stake risks. You should hire a Private Detective in Pune that specializes in debugging, eavesdropping detection and corporate espionage detection.

Whistleblower investigation

Whistle-Blower Complaint Investigation

Do you want a proper investigation into a whistle-blower’s complaint? You should because whistle blowers ensure safety to your organization by keeping an eye on cases of financial fraud, cheating, safety and health violation or abuse of power. Such investigation can save your company from massive losses, be it financial or reputational. Hire a trusted private detective agency in Pune and ensure the culprit is caught red-handed.

Business Disputes Banner

Business Disputes

Business dispute is always harmful for the interest of the involved parties. The more it’s allowed to drag on, the more damage it can cause. Whether a partnership dispute or shareholder dispute, employee dispute, customer dispute or vendor/supplier dispute, the earliest it’s solved the better. That’s why you should trust the best detective agency in Pune for professional help in the matters of business dispute.

Suicide investigation

Suicide / Murder Investigation

A suicide or murder case often has more layers than it appears. It’s therefore quite natural for the deceased’s family to smell something fishy in the case, or not feel satisfied with the police investigation. In such cases, the best way forward is to get a private investigation done in the matter to know the truth. A top agency can do an in-depth investigation and offer the kind of personalized attention the case needs.

Sleuths India is the most trusted and best private detective agency in Pune. We have a pan-India network, and are supported by an experienced team of professionals. Our infrastructure is very robust with offices in all corners of the country, strategically located to serve clients from all regions. Over the years, we have gained great expertise and solve some of the most complex cases.

From corporate searches to matrimonial investigations, we provide a comprehensive variety of services to people from all walks of life. We have great experience with background checks, fraud investigations, and similar types of cases.

If you search for a private detective agency in Pune, checking the credentials and licensing is surely one of the first things you should consider. You should be sure that the agency you trust is legally authorized to conduct investigations and has the necessary certifications and credentials. This will guarantee the reliability and legitimacy of the agency.

Technology and Tools

Advanced search capability is key for a detective agency to survive and flourish in this era of digitalization. If the agency is not using advanced technology, how can it carry out proper research? To collect evidence effectively and quickly, a reliable agency most possess the newest tools, cutting-edge equipment and technology. Find out about the technologies and procedures Sleuths India uses, and make sure they align with the industry standards.

What Defines A Good Private Detective Agency?

  • Domain Expertise
  • Quantum of experience
  • Diversity of services offered
  • Technology and tools utilized

Choosing Wisely: A Guide for Clients

Clients should follow due diligence and caution in seeking and availing the services of a private detective Pune. The right approach is to research about the agency, its backgrounds; read its reviews, and engage in consultations. These will ensure a beneficial partnership.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private Detective Agency in Pune

  • Reputation in the market
  • Years of experience
  • Analysis of case studies and success stories
  • Evaluation of licensing and certification
  • Importance of valid licenses
  • Surely about certifications from relevant authorities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. You should research agencies on the web, read reviews about agencies, and engage on consultations to make the right decision.

Ans. Yes, all reputable agencies follow the legal standards when conducting investigations.

Ans. Private Detectives offer a variety of services including surveillance, background checks, and corporate investigations.

Ans. They solve cases on local issues and have a key role in maintaining community well-being.

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